Michigan Retrievers offers a variety of training options that are flexible and designed to meet the needs of each individual dog and/or owner. I have experience testing and titling dogs in the HRC test hunt circuit. I would love to talk with you about where your dog is currently performing and what goals you have in mind for the future. Whether it be a solid performing hunting partner or a champion in the hunt test game, we can help you meet your goals and expectations.
The prices listed include: dog food, boarding, etc. Any additional services such as Heartworm, flea/tick, veterinarian bills are the responsibility of the dog owner. You will purchase these and I will administer them to your dog while it is in my care.

At Michigander Retrievers we invite and encourage you to spend some time learning to work with your trained dog before taking him/her home. This will allow you to keep training in tact while away from us.
The basic hunting program will produce a dog capable of completing a Started Hunting Retriever (UKC) test or Junior Hunter Test (AKC).
The intermediate program produces a dog that should be able to pass a Seasoned UKC test or a AKC Senior test.
The advanced program produces a dog that should be able to pass a Finished UKC test or a AKC Master Hunter Test.
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