In September of 2015 Michigander Retrievers purchased the 45 acres of vacant land we now sit on. It's open fields are perfect for training. It is secluded enough to run a boarding kennel but conveniently located only 4 miles from the busier city of Portage, Michigan.

     In spring of 2016 construction began on the 56 x 72 square foot boarding kennel/training facility. The building was specifically designed to efficiently take care of the guests who would stay within. The concrete was purposefully sloped at an angle to allow proper disinfecting to be done as needed. Every kennel has a trough in the back for this same reason. Extra money was spent to install in-floor radiant heat. Overhead fans and a high volume wall fan help to circulate air through the kennel area.

     Mason Kennels, the industry leader in dog containment, were purchased for every kennel run including a small dog boarding unit. Each kennel has a stainless steel privacy panel between each run allowing dogs to not be bothered by their neighbors. Kennel runs are as small as 36 x 96 inches and as large as 56 x 96 inches, this larger option is great for families with more than one dog that choose to kennel them together.

       Connected to the back of the kennel are three separate airing yards allowing for dogs to be exercised and socialized. Plastic play equipment is put out for the dogs to climb, leap from and play on.

      We are now open for business and we look forward to you checking out our new facility. We hope to see you and your dogs sometime soon!
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