Our obsession began with me as a waterfowl hunter. I had owned labs before and they did their job in the field, or so I thought. They were “glorified duck dogs?with little more than retrieving capabilities. They weren’t the top of the line, in comparison to what I’d seen and had experienced with other better trained dogs.

I wanted that dog everyone “oh-ed?and “ah-ed?over that could not only mark birds, run a blind, be a quiet hunting companion as well as a great dog for my family.

I began taking the steps necessary to educate myself in the field of retriever training. I joined a local HRC club, where I now am the Vice President. I worked with other trainers to learn more about the job, attended a few hunt tests, read anything I could get my hands on, then watched several videos and jumped right in.

My first dog, that I put this new found knowledge into play with, earned her Hunting Retriever title at 16 months and her Hunting Retriever Champion title at 26 months. The following spring we went to the Grand hunt and made it to the second series.

I take the job very seriously, I love seeing the growth from the day the dog comes to my home to the moment they leave our family and join you in the field. The training your dog receives is tailored to the expectations you have for your dog.

Please see the training programs offered and see what best fits your needs. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we can create a program that meets your training expectations. I choose to keep my enrollment low in order to make sure your dog gets the quality training time he/she deserves. Please inquire about openings.
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